B.EL.D™ with Machine Learning

Revolutionize your research approach with potentiometry principle applications


Among the world’s entrepreneurial talent who make an impact on the system.

Take control of the air you breathe!

Monitor and improve your indoor air quality today for a safer, cleaner, and more comfortable environment.

Maximize safety and efficiency with B.EL.D™'s 24-hour Listeria detection

Don’t let time compromise your product’s safety – with B.EL.D™, it’s swift, it’s accurate, it’s the future of food safety

Who We Are

EMBIO Diagnostics is a tech company and device manufacturer that shapes the future of diagnostics by designing and developing innovative, rapid, portable, biosensor-based digital devices, leveraging on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our state-of-the-art devices find applications covering the needs of a range of industries such as environmental, food safety, maritime and medical sectors.



Introducing B.EL.D

One device, hundreds of applications


B.EL.D [Bio Electric Diagnostics] device combined with our proprietary algorithms and machine learning, is one of the few multi-purpose portable chemical analyzer systems in the market.

B.EL.D is affordable, reliable, accurate, platform ready and suitable for in-the-field use

B.EL.D applications are limited only by your specific industrial and scientific research needs.


Introducing airbeld™

airbeld with its powerful sensors and proprietary algorithm, provides real-time understanding of indoor pollutants and helps take informed decisions to sustain a healthy and comfortable environment.

with its incorporated AI assistant and personalized notifications, airbeld empowers you to create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment. 


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