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EMBIO Diagnostics is a science & biotechnology company. EMBIO Diagnostics’s top management is committed to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our valued Clients and other interested parties by ensuring that:

  1. The products and services offered are truly innovative and consistently meet the highest standards of quality and safety, in line with the applicable legislation and EU directives, in order to provide to our clients, the best possible products and service.
  2. Qualitative, quantitative objectives and targets are set and reviewed in the context of the management review meeting, in order to continually improve the effectiveness and suitability of the management system in operation.
  3. Risk assessments are performed, to eliminate or reduce risks as far as possible.
  4. On-going training and development of our employees takes place, who are encouraged to participate in the decision making and our improvement efforts.
  5. We encourage a sense of responsibility among our employees, and we integrate quality & safety aspects into our day-to-day operations.
  6. The management and staff are to always conduct themselves in a professional manner as defined by the Company Policies and Procedures, thereby ensuring that the requirements defined by our Clients are continuously achieved.
  7. Implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 is a strategic competitive advantage of the Company and is the responsibility of every member of staff to adhere to this policy.
  8. This policy is communicated to all members of staff and other interested parties and is reviewed for its continual suitability and effectiveness.

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EMBIO Diagnostics (EMBIO) designs and develops custom based hardware solutions and consults as an expert in the biotechnology field at a global scale.

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