EMBIO Diagnostics acquires BlueTech ballast water treatment business

Nicosia, Cyprus – June, 2024 – EMBIO Diagnostics announced today the acquisition of the business of AG Catalytic Solutions, a ballast water treatment company with a proprietary technology for treating ballast water without the use of harsh chemicals or UV radiation. This significant strategic move will see the transfer of technology, know-how, and intellectual property assets and will give a running start to EMBIO’s research and development teams in a promising space.

Polluted ballast water has long posed a significant challenge for the shipping and maritime industries and finding environmentally safe, cost efficient and reliable treatment solutions has been a global priority.

Both EMBIO Diagnostics and AG Catalytic Solutions are KV Fund portfolio companies and have previously collaborated to develop one of EMBIO’s products, a portable ballast water testing kit, now distributed exclusively by Aquarex Diagnostics.

“After our collaboration with Constantinos and his team, we realized that integrating our proprietary technology with EMBIO’s expanding resources and growing momentum within the shipping and maritime sectors was the ideal scenario, said Stathis Theofilou, Founder and CEO of AG Catalytic Solutions. “EMBIO will be able to take our technology to the next level faster”.

The integration of AG Catalytic Solutions’ technology into EMBIO’s portfolio strengthens both companies’ capabilities, but also enhances their suite of sustainability products and services. “This acquisition fits perfectly with our commitment to innovation with positive ecological impact to marine biodiversity, while complying with international shipping and maritime regulations” said Constantinos Loizou. “We are excited to offer this innovative technology to our network of clients, enhancing our suite of sustainability services.


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EMBIO Diagnostics is headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, and is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technologies into diagnostic practices. Focused on supporting a healthier, cleaner world, EMBIO’s mission involves developing and deploying sustainable, reliable diagnostic tools across several industries, including environmental, food safety, and maritime sectors.

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