EMBIO Diagnostics Hosts Cyprus’ Chief Scientist for Groundbreaking AI Discussion

EMBIO Diagnostics was honored to host Cyprus’ esteemed Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation and Technology, Mr. Demetris Skourides, for an enlightening and inspirational discussion on the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mr Skourides’ visit marks a significant milestone in EMBIO’s journey towards utilizing cutting-edge technologies, as communicated by H.E President Mr. Nicos Christodoulides, for the betterment of society.

During his visit, Mr. Skourides emphasized the critical importance of AI and data-driven solutions in reshaping the landscape of diagnostics. He stressed the significance of collaboration between government, academia, and industry in fostering a thriving innovation ecosystem.

In our engaging discussion, Mr. Skourides underlined the essential role of AI in revolutionizing various industries, particularly in the realm of diagnostics. As per his words, “Data is the new oil, AI is the new energy, and leveraging both in a solution platform creates game-changing capabilities.

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Constantinos Loizou, CEO at EMBIO Diagnostics, expressed his gratitude for Mr. Skourides’ insightful contribution, stating, “We are immensely honored to have hosted Mr. Skourides at EMBIO Diagnostics. His expertise and vision align closely with our mission to leverage technology for the advancement of diagnostics. We believe that through collaborative endeavors and a commitment to innovation, we can truly make a difference in Cyprus tech scene.”

During his visit, Mr. Skourides engaged with EMBIO’s leadership team. He was briefed on EMBIO’s technology, particularly the innovative platforms B.EL.D™ and airbeld™, and the utilization of machine learning to enhance portable, rapid diagnostics and air quality management, providing invaluable solutions to users.

The discussion also delved into EMBIO’s strategic roadmap, focusing on future-proofing the airbeld™ platform, exploring avenues for monetization, and forging partnerships to drive adjacent innovations showcasing EMBIO’S commitment in exploring the Research and Development Strategy of 2024-2026 as outlined by DMRID (Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy

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Mr. Skourides commended EMBIO’s forward-thinking approach and emphasized the importance of prioritizing operational and commercialization initiatives at this stage of the company’s growth.

Mr. Skourides congratulated EMBIO’s leadership team for their forward-thinking approach, particularly for their vision of the company’s future and the further development of its innovative solutions.

“It was refreshing to observe how EMBIO’s leadership team views the future of the company, specifically the passion to use Data and A.I to create and capture value for the citizens,” remarked Mr. Skourides.

EMBIO Diagnostics extends its heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Skourides for his invaluable contributions and looks forward to leveraging his insights to further advance innovation in the field of diagnostics. EMBIO is part of Kinisis Ventures portfolio and has received investment from ASBIS Enterprises.