EMBIO Diagnostics Secures New Investment to Advance Sustainable Technology

Nicosia, Cyprus – June, 2024 – EMBIO Diagnostics (EMBIO), a leader in innovative biosensor technology focused on sustainability, announces a new round of investment led by KV Fund. This funding supports EMBIO’s mission to integrate advanced, eco-friendly technologies into the global diagnostics market.

EMBIO Diagnostics is revolutionizing diagnostic technologies with a focus on environmental sustainability. Our cutting-edge, portable biosensor devices, such as BELD (Bio Electric Diagnostics) and airbeld, are designed for diverse applications ranging from medical to environmental monitoring. These products not only promote health and safety but also prioritize ecological well-being, making diagnostics both accessible and environmentally responsible.

Constantinos Loizou, CEO of EMBIO Diagnostics, shared his thoughts on the latest investment: “We are excited to reinforce our partnership with KV Fund. This funding significantly boosts our ability to further advance our sustainable diagnostic solutions. It’s an opportunity to expand our impact globally while remaining aligned with our core values of environmental consciousness.”

Andreas Panayi, CEO of KV Fund, also expressed support: “EMBIO Diagnostics is at the forefront of the sustainable diagnostic sector, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in biosensing technology. We are proud to support their vision of creating a healthier, more sustainable world through innovative diagnostic solutions.”

Headquartered in Cyprus, EMBIO Diagnostics specializes in the development of mobile, biosensor-based digital devices that leverage advanced technologies, including AI and ML. We aim to enhance diagnostic processes across various industries while prioritizing sustainability. Our innovative products address critical needs in environmental monitoring, food safety, and health sectors, contributing to safer and cleaner communities worldwide.

For Media Inquiries:

Foteini Sakka

Marketing Officer

EMBIO Diagnostics

Nicosia, Cyprus