Embio Diagnostics Showcases Cutting-Edge Innovations at Cyprus Ministry of Defence Conference

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EMBIO Diagnostics proudly participated in the highly successful two-day conference on Research and Ιnnovation in Defence, organized by the Cyprus Ministry of Defense. Held at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the event attracted over 120 delegates from the Cypriot defense ecosystem, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of defense technologies in Cyprus.

The conference began with an inspiring speech from the Minister of Defence, Mr. Vasilis Palmas, who acknowledged the vital contributions of CARIE (KSEEK) in promoting and expanding the Cyprus Defense Industry. Minister Palmas highlighted the Ministry’s dedication over the past five years to supporting the rapidly growing Cypriot Defense Industry, with a focus on developing innovative technology products with high operational value. He underlined the importance of connecting Research, Development, and Innovation activities with the real economy through strengthened cooperation between industry, academia, and the armed forces.

EMBIO Diagnostics seized this valuable platform to present its latest advances in diagnostic technologies tailored for defense applications. The company’s innovative solutions garnered significant attention for their potential to enhance operational efficiency and security within the defense sector.

“We are thrilled to contribute to the vibrant and rapidly growing Cypriot Production Industry,” said Constantinos Loizou, CEO at EMBIO Diagnostics. “Our participation in this conference reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies that meet the rigorous demand. We appreciate the support from the Ministry of Defense and CARIE (KSEEK) in fostering an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.”

The conference also featured keynotes and presentations from prominent figures, including the president of the Defense Committee of the Cyprus parliament, Mr. Marinos Sizopoulos, the Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Tsitsikostas, the Chief Scientist, Demetris Skourides, and other esteemed officials. Their participation underlined the collective effort to advance the Cypriot Defense Industry.

EMBIO Diagnostics extends its heartfelt thanks to Minister Palmas and the Ministry of Defense for their unwavering support, as well as to the Minister of Finance, Mr. Makis Keravnos, for his commitment to transforming the Defense Industry into a pillar of economic growth for Cyprus.