PASCAL school visit

Pascal school senior students were able to put theory into practice during their visit at EMBIO Diagnostics laboratories. It was possible as EMBIO, is going though all stages of producing medical devices – from developing ideas, research and tests. 

A tour through laboratories was led by leading scientists of the company Dr. Theo Apo and  Dr. Agni Hadjilouca. Students were introduced to the labs equipment and got detailed explanation on the capabilities of:  

  • Cell culture protocols
  • Cell counting (Manual and automated)
  • Microscopic observation and a time-lapse video of cells proliferation
  • Microbiological cultures
  • Robotics

CEO Constantinos Loizou navigated the visitors, how to manage to create an idea and brawl all obstacles on the way to their target, which has direct influents on peoples and planet wellbeing. Developed products in bioelectric diagnostics and remote digital sensors are covering such sphere as Food safety, Environment safety, Air Quality conditions, research lab applications.  

“Our company and scientists are happy to demonstrate and inspire students who are on the threshold of life, choosing their future path. They can achieve everything” – said CEO Constantinos Loizou. 

Who is EMBIO Diagnostics

A biotechnology company licensed and operating in Cyprus, EMBIO Diagnostics designs and develops full custom-based hardware and software solutions that can address rapid detection requirements in food safety, environmental testing, and health on a global scale. EMBIO’s activities have led to internationally utilized diagnostic and disease monitoring devices, as well as food safety detection, with outstanding reliability, speed and cost efficiency. EMBIO Diagnostics is responsible for the creation of the B.EL.D, which quickly and reliably tests for pesticides, bacterial and other harmful chemicals in water. Everything with one goal: ”Detect Everywhere”.