Electrodes Kit

Screen Printed electrodes

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Screen Printed electrodes

Physical Data
Chip boards comprise 8 electrode arrays per chip according to client’s approved design with working (WE), reference (RE) and counter electrodes (CE) per each array. Electrode areas are defined using a dielectric material (green).

Chemical composition

  • Tracks: Silver material
  • WE: Carbon materia
  • RE: Ag/AgCl material
  • CE: Carbon material
  • Dielectric: Electrically insulating ink Substrate material: Polyester (0.5 ± 0.08 mm)

Chemical resistance

  • Aqueous solvents, included diluted acids and bases: Good
  • Strong acids: 0.5 M H2SO4 resistant. Other acids were not thoroughly tested; some strong acids might react with ink components (e.g. nitric reduces silver)
  • Strong bases: Not tested
  • Mild organic solvents (Ethanol): Not tested
  • Strong organic solvents (DMF, THF): Poor, not recommended


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