Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) testing Kit

EMBIO’s unique rapid, onsite, accurate Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) efficiency testing  is designed by our scientific team to provide a simple, accurate answer to the question: Is your activated carbon still active?



  • Pasteur Pippetes
  • Falcon Tubes (50ml or 15ml) Immobilised Biosensor
  • Electrodes
  • Filter paper 25 diameter
  • Filter paper cycles 240mm
  • Sterilized sample container (100ml)
  • Antimicrobial Hand Wipe
  • Tweezer
  • Disposable syringe
  • Filter holder

Bio Electric Diagnostics™ (B.EL.D™) is a handheld analyzer used, among other applications, to evaluate the performance of granular activated carbon (GAC) systems. B.EL.D™ evaluates the GAC efficiency and detects its saturation.


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