Evaluation of water management and processing systems effectiveness.



EnviroBELD Rapid Testing Kit specializes in the evaluation of water management systems effectiveness.

EnviroBELD is a customized Bio Electric Diagnostic method developed by EMBIO Diagnostics Ltd, standardized to address quality issues of water, energy, food, and our eco-systems.  

EnviroBELD Rapid Testing Kit, is an all-inclusive, extremely accurate and selective control system that can be used to analyze any organic / inorganic compound according to the response of a biosensor / enzyme or electrons.

Industry applications

EnviroBELD’s  unique applications aim to evaluate the efficacy of water management and processing systems in the following sectors:

Ballast water Management systems in Maritime transport: evaluation of the effectiveness of Ballast water management systems.

Public and private water supply and sewage companies: evaluating the efficacy of water purification systems, using porous materials such as active carbon

Food and beverage processing factories: estimate the load of industrial wastewater of food and beverage processing factories and its potential recycling, reduction, and reuse.   


Customised solutions

We can customize and/or expand the functional capabilities of our current device and software to meet your business’ needs.

Our diagnostic technology can be standardized upon request.