Date: Feb 2022 – Nov 2022



The Project

GRIDIRON project is supported through DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) Program started in February 2022.  Our main focus is the incorporation of an intelligent automated testing system in our laboratory, ensuring workstations are standardized, automated, and according to the safety standards, ensuring the production and delivery of high-quality biosensors to our clients. The reason we chose ‘smart manufacturing is the prevention of risks and production optimization. 

The Challenge

The novelty we introduce is an installment of the liquid handler with a pipetting arm, and an electric microscope for cell counting designed according to the highest technological standards. Both devices work is based on the AI system, fully automatized and designed to be FIWARE/COPRA-AP compliant

Our lab, despite all, will ensure time-saving, high precision, fully connected, flexible, and modular biosensor production ecosystem. We tend to be compliant with the agile manufacturing models and envision robotic automation in biotechnology production.