Date: Jun 2022  – Jun 2023 

The Project PENFA was sponsored under DEMETER





PENFA *Pesticide Environmental Fate Analysis* Project

Pesticides played an irreplaceable role during agriculture production and the efforts to feed the ever-growing population. Their excessive use has been harmful to crop production, food safety, and human health. Globally, high attention has been given to pesticide residues and specific regulations have been regularly updated especially those focusing on minimizing the MRL level, human health protection, food loss, and economic sustainability.


Bound by these regulations, farmers, food processors, and distributors, must provide to the market, products that comply with food safety and quality standards. Therefore PENFA team will provide support in these terms to the greenhouse tomato growers in Cyprus by enabling a “smart” agricultural system based on the IoT technology and the existing DEMETER technological ecosystem.  Learn more.



Our Vision

The main goal of the PENFA is to ensure development of a diagnostic system of pesticide residues at critical grow phases of greenhouses vegetables, carefully designed to help farmers to use digital data for optimization of their products and content of pesticides.

With deployed technology transformation in agriculture can begin where addressed challenges shall be overcome faster, easier, and in a more effective way. Agricultural producers, will get guidance on how to monitor microclimate in their greenhouses, pest and plant stress management. 



PENFA will genuinely focus on bringing positive impact on improving economic, innovative, and environmental features in the food-agriculture market, ensuring healthy products are delivered from the farm to the fork.