POLS – Portabe Lab for Ships

Date: April 2023– December 2023




The maritime industry is a huge industry that moves the world. Aside from offering great benefits, it can still have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, thanks to the RIF and the possibility to carry out our POLS Portable Labs for Ships (Proof of Concept) project, our team of experts is mainly focused on the development of a solution that allows a quick and rapid detection of the three very serious bacteria E. coli and V. colera, Eterococci in ballast water.



EMBIO offers a user-friendly microbacteria detection kit that is easy to use, smart, accurate and efficient. We design our solution to be portable and easily implemented by any crew member on any vessel at the desired time as no special skills and/or knowledge are required. With this solution, seawater can be properly treated and dangerous risks identified.

Adopting a robust and consistent standard eliminates ambiguity and provides peace of mind that compliance can be demonstrated based on trusted and accurate data. Unlike detailed analysis methods that require samples to be assessed in laboratories by aquatic microbiology specialists, tests with solutions provided by EMBIO are compliant and can be performed by any crew member at any stage of the ballast water discharge process, yielding results in less than 1 year minute directly on the vessel



Our vision is to make the aquatic ecosystem clearer, safer and healthier for residents, visitors and workers on the coast of Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries in Europe and beyond.


Impact to promote and the use of IoT devices to protect our valuable resources and to support the shipping industry to comply with IMO regulations and requirements regarding environmental protection.