environmental applications

Our technology solutions in water diagnostics and agriculture monitoring.

GAC testing

B.EL.D™ is a handheld analyzer used, among other applications, to evaluate the performance of granular activated carbon (GAC) systems. B.EL.D™ evaluates the GAC efficiency and detects its saturation.

GAC is widely used in various industries, such as water treatment, air purification, and gas adsorption, to remove impurities and contaminants. However, over time, GAC can become less effective as it reaches its saturation point and loses its adsorption capacity. Using the B.EL.D™ analyzer, you can accurately measure the performance of GAC systems.

In addition, GAC producers can utilize the B.EL.D™ analyzer as a powerful tool that empowers them to consistently deliver high-quality granular activated carbon with exceptional performance.

Ballast water testing

Ships’ global movements of ballast water create a threat of spread of waterborne diseases and microorganisms.

Periodically spot-checking of your ballast water while at sea. B.EL.D™ is a valuable tool in evaluating, monitoring and managing of ballast water treatment system.

By keeping a record of your test results, you can effectively monitor the performance of your Ballast Water Treatment System. Track its efficiency over time as well as make informed decisions regarding the maintenance and improvement of your ballast water management practices, ensuring the preservation of marine ecosystems and the safe operation of your vessel.


Other industry applications

Food safety


Innovative biosensor-based device for rapid diagnostics in the field of food safety.



⋅ Digital diagnostic sensors for indoor air quality monitoring.



Environmental monitoring applications with the use of our diagnostic device and digital tools.

Research labs

Research lab applications

Our proprietary technology is a valuable tool in novel research and development approaches.