environmental applications

Our technology solutions in water diagnostics and agriculture monitoring.





Rapid Testing in porous material used in filtering systems.

B.EL.D™ Rapid Testing Kit is an all-inclusive, extremely accurate and selective control system that specializes in porous material used in filtering systems such as active carbon and others of organic nature.

It is a valuable tool in evaluating, monitoring and managing of used and unused filtering systems

Allows field measurements of water filtering systems using new and more detailed data in the decision-making process.

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WeSS Weather smart station

WeSS (Weather Smart Station) is a Low-Power IoT agrometeorological station that measures different crucial parameters in various crops in real time to support smart digital agriculture applications.   

WeSS has been developed and validated in real farming conditions through a consolidated research and development procedure. 

This technology is developed to reduce vulnerability of agricultural practices to the impacts of weather climatic conditions and related crop health impacts through timely and accurate data monitoring.   



support in decision making

access from any device

user-friendly interface

real-time monitoring

Customised solutions

We can customize and/or expand the functional capabilities of our EnviroBELD device and software to meet your business’ needs.

Our diagnostic technology can be standardized to detect additional types of porous material.

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Other industry applications

Food safety


Innovative biosensor-based device for rapid diagnostics in the field of food safety.



⋅ Digital diagnostic sensors for indoor air quality monitoring.



Environmental monitoring applications with the use of our diagnostic device and digital tools.

Research labs

Research lab applications

Our proprietary technology is a valuable tool in novel research and development approaches.